Afagh Pictures | Content Production
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Content production department

When François Truffaut, French director, was asked: “what was your basic idea for making” The 400 Blows”” he replied: “The image of a car rising from behind a hill on a road!”
Storytelling is an internal process which happens unconsciously or subconsciously and in order to find the stories, you should let your imagination and thought flow and write with more powerful force. The force which takes the writer to an absolutely unknown and new world in absence of logical mind.
A good story is the combination of technics and principles of storytelling with inner intuition. With regard to intuitive and inspiring aspect of storytelling and given the fact that it is impossible to create a masterpiece just by rational and scientific consciousness of the process of storytelling or in other word techniques of storytelling and scriptwriting, content production department of Afagh Pictures has been founded based on three fundamental proficiencies namely developing idea, story writing and scriptwriting.
According to Robert McKee the process of creating a story is generally a movement between two ideas:
1- Premise: the idea motivating writer to create the story
2- Controlling idea: the final meaning of story transferred through action and the aesthetic sense in the plot point of last curtain.

The pipeline above illustrates the process of Afagh Pictures department from the beginning until the writing the final screenplay.
Logline is the simplest possible combination of character and plot. A story told in one sentence and the base of final story. You might be good at characterizations, master of plot or genius in writing dialogue. However, if there is a weak logline, there will be no way to survive your story. Hence, we have designed four pivotal steps to convert logline from a low-concept to high-concept and then develop it to premise.

Each of these steps of pipeline, has its own particular pipeline and as a result, they require various technics.
This department is capable of writing short films, movies, TV series and TVCs.