Afagh Pictures | Our Story
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History of Afagh Pictures:

In 2009, Afagh Pictures started its professional activities with the official production license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran. Writing and producing four short animations as well as one TV movie (Live-Action), writing a series of animations, writing synopsis for an animated feature film and a number of advertisements are among Afagh Pictures activities until the summer 2015.
From the beginning of 2015, animation professionals in various fields joined Afagh Pictures. As a result, the quality of our products has been improved and reached the highest quality. At the summer 2016, Afagh Pictures family grew larger and the most gifted and skillful experts in various animation technics joined us. Numerous animation proficiencies and applications in different fields as well as Afagh Pictures team’s high abilities, moved us to establish distinct departments for various animation technical fields. Therefore, we can claim that we are the best in what we do.

Organizational Chart of Afagh Pictures:

Afagh Pictures includes technical and distinct departments in the fields of animation namely: 3D animation, 2D animation, comic motion, motion graphics, and content production. Our expertise involves producing short films, movies, TV series as well as TVCs at high quality.
Our skillful and expert technical team has reached two first ranks in international competition which demonstrates the quality of their productions. In addition, the main strength of Afagh pictures is its content production team. This team includes the most skillful people in three fields; developing ideas, story writing and screenwriting. High ability and creativity of content production team provided a great business opportunity for professional producers and investors all over the world.

Afagh Pictures goals:

The main goal of Afagh pictures is to create a family of animation experts so as to produce TVCs, TV series, short film and animated feature film in best quality in terms of technic and content and also to compete with well-known international companies. Moreover, we intend to enter international market and cooperate with big companies. Admittedly, this contributes to reach our goal. Having high quality of standard and international production in addition to low production costs, are of the benefits of Afagh Pictures in attracting big companies for cooperation.

Developing communication with international market:

Regarding Afagh Pictures goals and the business records of its founder and CEO, in order to improve our International relations, Dubai office was established in cooperation with VALORAN International company. Unique commercial features of UAE and its relationship with the world encouraged us to choose there as a communication bridge for International market.


Adnan Nassari


Abbas Hamidavi

Director of the Dubai Office

Aria Saffar zadegan

Director of Motion Comic Department

Hooman Rad

Director of 3D Department

Razieh Kazemi

Director of Content Department

Mehdi Movahed

Director of 2D Department

Ahmad Maleki

Director of Motion Graphic Department

Farid Nosrat Khah

Technical Director

Hesam Javaheri

2D Animation Supervisor

Hamid Shirjafari

3D Animation Supervisor

Mohammad Afshani Farid

VFX Supervisor