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Art Creation Institute Of Astan Quds Razavi


Adnan Nassari


Adnan Nassari


Music Video


6 Min

Production Time

7 Month

3D Department, International Projects
About This Project

One of the major technical challenges in this project was its beginning scene. The director decided that this scene should be in real size and real scale. The camera should have traversed the location, which was about 2 kilometers, without any cuts. We had to model the entire location and we were supposed not to use Matte paint. This location had over 16 billion polygons. Our biggest challenge was to determine the appropriate render engine so that we could have the best quality in fastest time. At first, we tested Vray and Arnold render engines. Regarding the quality, both render engines were excellent; however, they didn’t have desirable speed. On the other hand, Redshift render engine had both speed and quality simultaneously. We rendered one frame in Full HD resolution with more than 16 billion polygons in 20 minutes. We spend 2 months for R&D for this project in order to reach top quality and speed.